MKMMA Week 5 – The Diary of a Baby

Baby at laptopDear Diary: It has been 9 months since I have been breathing on my own. This means I have now lived half of my life on the outside. The climate control is not as good as my prior accommodations but I certainly have more freedom. It’s time for me to start taking things seriously and set some goals for myself. The first goal that I have set my sights on is walking. It seems quite effortless for the bigger people so I’m sure that I will do fine.

Dear Diary: Perhaps there is more to this walking thing than I thought. I was crawling and scooting ahead of schedule but my initial efforts in this new field of upright transport have offered nothing but frustration. As I tried to stand yesterday I fell 17 times. I am appreciative that my caregivers attach cushioning to my bottom so that the only pain with falling is for my ego.

Dear Diary: Today marks 10 months on the outside. The big person they call “Mommy” researched baby milestones on the computer today. Apparently some babies are able to walk before their one year anniversary of life on the outside. I want to beat the average! I want to make a name for myself! I won’t let my big people down… They will be proud of me! I am baby… Hear me roar!

Dear Diary: I now have 11 months on the outside and have been working to learn to walk for 2 months of that time… That’s 18% of my independent life and still I am met with frustration! My best efforts have lead to nothing more than stumbling a few steps while holding onto furniture or tripping along as one of the big people dangles me from my arms. They give me lavish praise for my efforts but I think that they are just patronizing me. Either that, or perhaps don’t want me to feel badly because I am so far behind initial projections.

Dear Diary: My companionship doesn’t seem to be adequate so the one they call “Mommy” invited a big person over from up the street. They seemed to enjoy their play-date though they must be shy because they didn’t play at all. Mommy’s guest brought her baby, Billy. Apparently he is 2 weeks my junior. He seems fine except that he spent the time showing off, walking non-stop during their visit. I am starting to think that perhaps there is something wrong with the legs that I was given.

baby-feetDear Diary: I have decided that walking isn’t really worth the effort. The one they call “dog” goes around on all fours every day and he seems to be doing just fine. Rather than waste energy on walking I’m just going to become the best crawler in the world. I’ll become even better at crawling than Billy is at walking! Boy, that’ll be something! I’ll be something special once that happens!

Dear Diary: Month 11. Who am I kidding… I hate crawling and my knees aren’t going to take this forever… especially on the ceramic tiles! Walking just seems to be so much easier for everybody else than it is for me. I’m frustrated and discouraged. I can’t seem to get it right… Sometimes I think I should just give up.

Dear Diary: Month 12………

So, how do you think the next entry goes? Does our hero give up or carry on? I’ll tell you the answer… Baby carries on and learns how to walk. Do you know why?


Babies just do. They don’t give up. They don’t obsess. They don’t cultivate the idea that they are flawed. They don’t base their worth on accomplishment. They don’t rationalize. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They don’t do drama. They don’t become negative. They just do. Kind of makes you wonder…

Is all of the drama serving any of us? Aren’t you thrilled to have outgrown it too?


15 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 5 – The Diary of a Baby

  1. masterkeyday

    Heard similar comments today about loving yourself — if you see yourself as the child you were, why would you shove sugar and high carb foods in the mouth if you knew that wasn’t a healthy practice? Pausing to think, as I did with your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Daniel Hanscom Post author

      So true, masterkeyday… Why do we sometimes speak to ourselves in ways we wouldn’t even speak to a stranger at a bus stop? By offering ourselves the patience and grace we would offer to a stranger we can benefit tremendously.


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