Bull Fighters and Bad Attitudes – MKMMA Week 8

I will eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness and cynicism by developing love for all humanity for I know that a negative attitude towards others can never bring me success.” -Napoleon Hill


Have you ever seen a bull in the flesh? I remember the first time I ever saw one… He was massive! Such a powerful looking creature that the board fence between the two of us seemed rather inadequate. Did you know that these animals typically weigh between 1100 and 2200 pounds! Another little known fact about bulls… they are not typically known for their sunny dispositions.

Did you know that you have a bull in your life? We all do. It’s stubborn, it’s nasty, it doesn’t mind causing trouble and, like it’s bovine counterpart, it’s not known for it’s sunny disposition either. It’s the bull of negativity. Some of it is from around us and some of it is from within us but it stomps around regularly looking for something to charge. Whether it is 1100 pounds or 2200 pounds just seems to depend on how much you feed it.

So every day, large or small, there is this bull that paces around in the pen that is our life…

Intolerance towards others…

The bull lets out a snort.

Pessimistic expectations…

The bull stomps his foot.

A judgmental attitude towards others or towards one’s self…

The bull lowers his horns.

Opinionated tendencies…

The bull sees red and charges.

So there you stand as the bull of negativity is coming either at you or out of you. It is going to gore the life out of your positive mental attitude and try to steal the sunshine from your day and the day of those around you. Ummmm…. Now what? As I see it, there are three ways to deal with a raging bull.

The Rodeo Clown

Rodeo Clown

I will give the rodeo clown points for bravery but proactive he is not. The rodeo clown places himself in a dangerous, and totally reactive, position. They have no control over the bull at all. They simply have to be quick enough to minimize the damage of the bull to themselves and others.


The Bull Rider


The Bull Rider takes a more proactive approach. He uses strength and skill in order to try to control the bull. Now realistically, the bull is still in charge, but the successful Bull Rider is at least able to exert his will over the bull for some period of time. Remind me again… How long is a successful ride? Oh yeah, 8 seconds.

The Bull Fighter


The last on our list is the one that takes the fight to the bull. His goal is not to survive the bull (like the Clown) or outlast the bull (like the Rider). The Bull Fighter’s goal is plain and simple… Kill the bull. What better fate for the Bull of Negativity. Our Bull Fighter is not bigger or stronger than the bull. He controls the situation, however, through the use of strategy. He uses his cape as distraction in order to redirect the bull and then uses his sword to land a killing blow.

And so I think of the Bull of Negativity. I think of redirecting it with the reading of my Definite Major Purpose, with positive links to colors and shapes, with the laws of the mind, with concepts from Haanel and with the daily reading of the Blueprint Builder. Finally comes the moment of truth… The Bull of Negativity is slain using the sword of love. For it is developing love for all humanity which allows us to slay the Bull of Negativity.

You will see the bull of negativity in your life. Sometimes it will come from around you and sometimes it may even come from inside of you. As this powerful bull snorts, stomps his foot and charges what type of response will you give to it as it rages? My hope is that you choose the one that sets you free.

Cheers to your success ~ Daniel


17 thoughts on “Bull Fighters and Bad Attitudes – MKMMA Week 8

    1. Daniel Hanscom Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Marilyn. If the post helps even one person to slay the bull then it was worth it and it sounds like you’re off to a great start! I’m cheering for you!


  1. mkmmaasambush

    This is absolutely brilliant! I’m going to imagine putting a sword through every negative thought I have now lol 🙂 Thank you so much for this analogy!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Suzanne

    Daniel, you have a wonderful way with words, and metaphors. I loved the metaphor of the bull. I will strive to slay the “bull” of unnecessary opinions and negative thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing these words of wisdom with us.


    1. Daniel Hanscom Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Suzanne! The image of the bull seemed appropriate given how negativity snorts and stomps around before charging! Here’s to slaying the bull! ~Cheers


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