Looking Back – MKMMA Week 23

Today is my birthday and it’s been a great day. Now “great” will mean different things to different people but let me set the stage in case you don’t know me well. In the color code testing system “white” indicates that one isΒ  analytical and contemplative while “yellow” is more social, fun-loving and spontaneous… My white scores about 5x higher than my yellow. A great birthday for me means having quiet, contemplative time to look at the year that has past and look at the year to come.

With this in mind, I thought what could be better for my blog this week than to look through all of the posts that I have made during the course of the MKMMA course. I am going to attempt to boil each entry down to a single takeaway sentence as a review of the great journey that this course has been.

I have included links to each original post so if you want to read the entry you can just click on the title. I hope that you enjoy this compilation as much as I enjoyed putting it together. The post is long but it’s like a box of assorted chocolates… just pick through to find the ones you like… Or you can just eat them all if you prefer. I won’t judge…


your-purpose-in-lifeWeek 1 – What’s It All About?
What if the purpose of life is to learn and develop so that we can grow to our potential in order to be of service to others?

nerdalert_091412Week 2 – The 3 I’s
Beyond simply learning the information we must spend the time to allow for the installation so that the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed to allow for effortless implementation.

Spiderman biteWeek 3 – Lessons From Uncle Ben
You, as well as any of us, have the capacity to be a hero because of the impact that you can have on the world, and people around you but with great power comes great responsibility.

kungfuWeek 4 – Do You Know Gong Fu, Grasshopper?
The Chinese concept of gong fu means supreme skill achieved over time through hard work and patience and this can be applied to anything so why not develop supreme skill in the management of ones mindset?

Baby at laptopWeek 5 – The Diary Of A Baby
Babies don’t give up, they don’t obsess, they don’t cultivate the idea that they are flawed, they don’t base their worth on accomplishment, they don’t rationalize, they don’t take themselves too seriously, they don’t do drama, they don’t become negative… they just do and that’s probably good advice for us too.

Week 6 – Stop Talking At The Dog
Dogs process the world through smell so when we talk to them the message is for the most part lost. Our subconscious mind, as well, does not process the word by words but by pictures and emotions so we must use those elements to send clear messages to the subconscious mind.

XinWeek 7 – Why You Need “Xin”
Casually saying your DMP or affirmations will do virtually nothing because it is intensity of emotion that is the key element for success so we must be able to conjure up the powerful emotions that accompany the elements of our exercises.

Rodeo ClownWeek 8 – Bull Fighters And Bad Attitudes
Negativity in our life can be like a raging bull so we must choose how to face the bull: as a rodeo clown who runs for his life, as a bull rider who struggles to control the bull for a short time or as a bull fighter who seeks to kill the bull once and for all.

computer chip heartWeek 9 – Every Android’s Guide To Feelings
Inside each of us is emotional “programming” that is adaptive and will seek to manifest emotional states that have become selected because of their frequency so we must choose our emotional states wisely or else our mind will draw us towards unpleasant emotions on account of their consistency.

mirrorWeek 10 – Overcoming Betrayal
If you have not become an understanding friend of your ‘future self’ you may be betraying yourself through actions that sabotage your ability to succeed so it becomes crucial to create a mental picture of the person that you want to become so that you can stay true to that vision.

King-Manny-handy-manny-30939521-822-1130Week 11 – The Fable of King Consistency
This is a children’s story written to introduce kids to different principles that we are learning in the MKMMA program such as cultivating habits, the sit, having a purpose and having a plan of action.

Traffic LightWeek 12 – Beware The “Yellow Zone”
There is a dangerous zone called the yellow zone where things are “better” but not “great” where we can fail in our persistence but the greatest victories in life are found beyond the fields of mediocrity.

Color codeWeek 13 – Lesson Learned
As I started to think about the steps in accomplishing any goal I concluded that the steps were to choose what to do, think about how to do it, do the work and celebrate the experience so I combined these 4 bolded words to an affirmation that has been very helpful for me.

I-WILL-PERSIST-UNITL-I-SUCCEEDWeek 14 – The Fuel For Persistence
Persistence is simply the action that occurs when we hold onto hope and keep faith so the four elements of persistence serve the purpose of nourishing hope and keeping faith alive so that we can stay the course, persist through the resistance and, in the end, emerge victorious.

RAS VideoWeek 15 – The Amazing RAS
I made this video which looked at the role of a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which acts as a filter to magnify or delete what input gets to the conscious mind.

Rudy-MovieWeek 16 – Great Expectations
Human nature is to rise to, or sink to, what is expected of us and that includes the expectations that we have for ourselves so we must keep on track by asking ourselves the question, “Have I done all that I can do?”.

appleinskyWeek 17 – Pick The Darned Apple
While our mindset has an incredible impact on how things unfold in our lives we cannot simply stand at the base of the apple tree and wait for the fruit to drop into our lap but rather we need to take action in order to create the outcome that we are looking for.

Green_european_dragonWeek 17a – What To Do With Dragons
We are bound to face challenges and obstacles on our journey of personal development and how we choose to see and relate to these “dragons” determines whether we perceive them as vicious enemies or teachers who hold lessons for us to learn and so this perception impacts everything.

who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire-toughest-questionWeek 18 – Is That Your Final Answer?
Certainty is a feeling (and not an analytical conclusion) so we can choose to feel certain any time we want which can become a powerful tool because we can use this to create more and more certainty around our DMP which helps us to become bold enough to make it happen.

firehorses1Week 19 – Hold Your Horses!
In the panic of a barn fire horses will run back into the blaze seeking the comfort of familiarity so we should heed the warning since our desire for comfort and familiarity, while in chaotic situations can lead us to run back into undesirable habits because we are seeking the exact same comfort and familiarity.

Love equals geniusWeek 20 – Who Do You Love…?
Haanel tells us that, “An intellectual understanding will be of no assistance; the emotions must be brought into action…” and his words are echoed by many who have achieved the highest levels in many different disciplines so we must not only analyze but find powerful emotion in the things we wish to create in our life; most specifically, we must find love.

61806785Week 21 – I’ll Do It Myself
Independence is AWESOME but if we are not careful and we don’t learn to find a balance it can cause us to miss the opportunity to mastermind with others and work together in harmony towards a definite purpose with the extra support, resources and inspiration of another person.

Luke-trialWeek 22 – Let There Be… Silence
When we enter into contemplative silence the only thing that we find there is what we bring with us but the fear of facing this part of our self can fuel an appetite for constant distraction and avoidance.

calligraphyWeek 22a – Are You Listening
Being the “Observer” and paying attention is one of the most powerful things that we can do on our road to self discovery and growth and learning how to appreciate silence is an important part of this process.


PS: Doing that manually was exhausting! I hope there wasn’t an automatic way to do it and I hope that you enjoy the result. Phew! πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Looking Back – MKMMA Week 23

  1. Lorelei Sunshine

    Aloha Daniel Hau’oli La Hanau! BDay Greetings Hawai’ian Style…
    LOVE how you did this and would Love to know how you manually did it?
    Maybe the Diva’s n Devo know about an automated way of doing it BUT I congratulate You for taking the time to share πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniel Hanscom Post author

      Thanks for the BDay wishes, Lorelei! Much appreciated. I’m glad that you enjoyed the blog. Just felt right to take a look back at the journey.
      To make the post manually I opened a window that listed all posts from my wordpress dashboard and opened them one at a time. I manually wrote the title and linked it to the post then inserted a graphic from the library that went with each post. Finally, I wrote the one line that tried to capture the lesson of each post though it was hard to capture the concepts in one line… Oh well, I guess that’s what the links are for.
      Thanks again for stopping by and for your comment!


  2. masterkeybrony

    Great condensed version of your experience and Learning on the course. What a great idea to do to remind you where you have been and how far you have come with what you have learned and how amazing you are!… Amazing! Thank you and Happy Birthday!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniel Hanscom Post author

      Thanks, Brony! How nice of you to say! Glad that you enjoyed the Cliff’s notes of the whole blog. It was fun to put it together. Brought back so much that was written about and so many ideas that were written between the lines throughout the course. Glad that you liked it. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniel Hanscom Post author

      That sounds great, Wes. I’ll send you a note just to connect. Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to connecting… What color do you get when you mix white and yellow together, anyway? I guess we’ll see… πŸ™‚


    1. Daniel Hanscom Post author

      So glad that you enjoyed it, Marj! It was quite an amazing 6 months to look back on. So many changes in such a (relatively) short time. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you enjoy the posts as you browse through.

      Liked by 1 person


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